CMOS Image Sensor Characterization System:

We provide system solution to characterize the spectral response, sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, dynamic range of COMS Image Sensor.

1. Current Meter 2. Device under Test 3. Integrating Sphere
4. Monochromator 5. Personal                  Computer 6. Power Supply
7. Silicon Detector 8. V(f) Detector

9. 1/2 Axis Stepping Motor

10. Stepping Motor Controller 11. Light Box 12. Iris

1. Spectral response of CMOS Image Sensor schematic:

Power supply light the bulb in the light box and motored iris is mounted at the output port of the light box. By controlling the opening size of motored iris, we can change the light flux that enters monochromator and hence the illumination intensity at the output port of integrating sphere. Variable wave length can also achieved by computer controlled monochromator. A feedback sensor is mounted on the 3rd port of integrating sphere to read current illumination intensity.

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